JSC Rustaveli Holding Company



In April of 1999 in Tbilisi Georgia, group of young entrepreneurs established first ever contemporary movie Theater - Rustaveli. This cinema was founded on foundation of old time Soviet Rustaveli - centrally located, key cinema in Soviet Republic Georgia.

After several years Rustaveli acquired Amirani (second centrally located movie theater in Tbilisi). Development process included acquisition of cinema Akhmeteli and Rustavi (in city Rustavi). In 2005 along with JSC Cinema Rustaveli foundation, group was able to purchase real estate, in which cinemas operated - five buildings across Georgia. By 2008 JSC Cinema Rustaveli owned and operated roughly 15,000 sq.m. of entertainment, dining and shopping retail space.

In 2009 Rustaveli expanded to production field and founded Moving Pictures and On Screen Productions. Later these companies merged into LightBank to form biggest production company in the region.



JSC Rustaveli Holding Company was founded in 2011 in Tbilisi, Georgia